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All my sets are volume unless we decide to customize your lashes. The reason? Properly done, volume lashes look the softest and most natural. You will love them.

  • Full Set ( Allow 2 hrs 15 minutes)
  • Light Set ( allow 90 minutes )
  • 60 minute fill ( for existing clients )
  • 75 minute fill ( for existing clients )
  • 90 minute fill ( for existing clients )
  • Transfer Client Fill ( 90 min )

Frequently Asked Questions

This was the name of the business when I bought it from an esthetician. It was already doing well in the search engines so I kept it.

Not at all. Many of my clients go to sleep during their appointments.

Absolutely not if they are applied properly. And this is a Big “IF”.  They must not be stuck together or touching your skin. Because it is such a demanding and precise skill, there are many technicians applying extensions incorrectly. This is the reason for all the sad stories of eyelash damage. 

every two to three weeks, depending on some variables.

Your natural lashes are replacing themselves continuously with the shedding process. As they shed, the extensions go with them. At some point they will begin to form visible gaps along your lash line. Your extensions will look nicest if you fill them before these gaps form. By the end of three weeks they will be significantly thinned out. Waiting four weeks is really pushing it.  This is why I charge for a new set at five weeks. I not only add new lashes at every fill, but I remove ones that have grown out too much so the whole lash pattern looks neat and intentional.

The variables are:

a. your own body chemistry and how it interacts with the adhesive in forming a strong bond. This dictates your retention level.  We want those lashes to hold as long as possible.

b. Your eyelash’s shedding cycle. Normally you will shed more or less from week to week.

c. The quality of the adhesive used. I have several top shelf adhesives so we can tweak it for your best results.

d. The amount of stress you experience between appointments. I’m not exactly sure why, but elevated stress can cause heavier shedding.

e. How much TLC you give them. I will teach you how to wash them properly and pitfalls to avoid.

f. Whether or not you are using an eyelash growth serum. This will increase your retention level in most cases. Also, if you abruptly stop using your lash serum, this will cause a huge shed and your extensions go with that. We don’t want that. Please keep using your Serum uninterrupted.

Starting from the late teens on up, every lady that wants to wear extensions can wear them unless they develop an allergic reaction to the adhesive. As adhesives continue to improve, I am seeing fewer and fewer cases of this. I have only seen one case in seven years where the client had to stop completely. 

The styling is different for mature women. Lashes can offer a lifted appearance to the eyes making the client look more refreshed and polished. Personally, I love what Lashes can do for my mature ladies. 

Many of my clients say they don’t wear any other makeup except perhaps a little lip gloss. 

Search what’s online. Be willing to go out of your way for someone who is really good. If you are looking for someone near you as a high priority, you are assuming all Lash artists can deliver a quality service. Please don’t make this mistake. It’s expensive and time-consuming and disappointing to get bad lashes. Do your research and be willing to travel a little bit.

Look at the reviews on Google and Yelp and look at the website. Their best work should be showcased in the gallery. if the lashes look like nothing you would want, don’t assume the technician can do anything different. Some technicians have a “one set fits all” philosophy.

Look for a sole proprietor and avoid the chain stores. Someone who owns her own business takes pride in her work and cares about protecting her professional reputation.

Look at their menu of services. Do they offer volume Lashes? Volume Lashes are an advanced service. If they are not on the menu, walk away. This is a salon that does not prioritize the best lash service. Even if you don’t want volume the technician should have that skill in hand.

The best lash extensions require a skill level that is on par with surgical procedures. It takes a long time and a lot of experience to master this skill with all of the nuances regarding procedures, products and new developments in the industry. Applying lash extensions is physically demanding, technically exacting and requires careful communication when assessing the client’s requirements. Please remember, this service is very close to your eyes and it is of utmost importance that the technician always keep safety at the forefront to protect your precious vision.

The retention is a result of several factors; the adhesive used, the body chemistry of the client, the stress level of the client as well as proper homecare. I keep several adhesives on hand so we can tweak this most important factor and find the best retention for you. It’s very important to me to offer the best service and good retention is key.

It is not possible for this to occur. The extensions are applied to the Lash that is outside of your skin. The papilla, your hair making organ at the base of the inside of the follicle and your DNA are responsible for determining the growth and the length of your own natural lashes. It’s possible that they may look shorter when your extensions come off, but that is because you don’t remember what your natural lashes look like. 

Luscious Lash accepts Cash and Zelle. If you are not able to pay via these two methods then Venmo will also work. The credit card on file secures your appointment and covers the fee if you don’t show up. Otherwise let’s not use it. Thank you for your support.

If you give me less than 24 hour notice of cancellation you will be charged full price.
If you must be late, I will do my best to see to it you get your full scheduled time. You will be charged for the full amount of the appointment even if it must be cut short.

Pease make your appointment by 2 weeks (or 3 weeks at the most)  from your last fill. If it has been more than 4 weeks or if you have 30 lashes per eye (1/3 of a light set) you will be charged for a light set.

Please take your contacts out for your lash appointment. Fumes from the adhesive will always get into your eyes as our eyelids will flutter a bit. Tears will rinse these from your eyes, but the glue fumes will adhere to your contacts. We do not want to increase the risk of developing any allergic reactions.

Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate accompanying children. There is no one to look after them while you are having your lashes applied. Thank you for your understanding and support.