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About Me

Hi my name is Terrell Just and for over thirty years I’ve been a cosmetologist, standing behind the chair doing hair. I loved it! Twelve years ago I added Lashes to my menu of services and seven years ago I moved to Boulder, bought a business and started doing eyelash extensions exclusively. Once I started doing lashes only my skills improved even more. 

When I started doing lashes I was not a natural. Honestly, the first six months my lashes were terrible! But I was committed to offering the best eyelash service available and to building my business. I took trainings and participated heavily in online chat rooms where I learned a lot from other lash artists from around the world about different techniques and products.

I have a very distinct approach to the beauty industry because I have seen many fashion trends come and go. Most new products are gimmicky but some are not. I tell it how it is and this does ruffle some feathers. The upside is that you know I will always tell you the truth and let you make your own decisions based on the best information.

At Luscious Lash and Skin, I am the sole proprietor. My brand and my reputation is all me. I take great pride in keeping up with the newest products and techniques to provide the best service to you that is possible. I am meticulous, focused and patient because that is what a great Lash Artist must be.