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The Volume Eyelash Extensions Difference

Eyelash extensions are not to be confused with strip eyelashes or cluster eyelashes, which are simply adhered to the skin. Eyelash extensions instead are glued, one by one, onto the natural lash.

At Luscious Lash & Skin, we offer two ways to bring out the brilliance in your eyes: Volume eyelash extensions and Classic lash extensions

Classic lash extensions

Classic lash extensions are thicker extensions applied one at a time to an eyelash; these are the typical kind done at most other salons.

Volume eyelash extensions

Volume eyelash extensions use much finer eyelash extensions and are placed on a single lash in “fans” of two or three fine lashes. This creates a full but natural look as the lashes more closely mimic the thickness of natural lashes. Volume lashes, which started in Russia and are now popular throughout Europe, are used to achieve a beautiful, full yet light set of lashes. The volume technique can take a few years of practice to master, which is why not many salons offer them.

Volume lashes tend to last longer and are more stable than classic eyelash extensions which can twist easily. At Luscious Lash and Skin, we choose to do volume lashes most of the time because of this, but we will always decide together on the best style for your specific lashes. Generally, for individuals with fine natural lashes, volume lashes are a better option, while classic eyelash extensions are suitable for those with thick natural lashes.

Light Set of Volume Eyelash Extensions

Light “mascara look” of eyelash extensions

performed by Master Stylist | $150


Medium-Full, Light & Fluffy Set
Volume Eyelash Extensions

The most popular, natural looking set of eyelash extensions.

performed by Master Stylist | $200


Dramatic, Full Volume Lash Extensions Set

Volume eyelash extensions, also known as Russian volume extensions have become increasingly more popular as they create a light and fluffy look. Volume is perfect for those with sparse natural lashes or like a lighter more natural look while still keeping the fullness that extensions give! These are perfect for special events!

performed by Master Stylist | $275


Classic or Volume Eyelash Extension Refills
(Every 2-3 weeks)

One hour fills are usually the norm if you are coming in regularly every two weeks.

One and a half hour fills are a good option if it has been 3 weeks since your last fill,
your eyelash extensions are looking sparse or you like your lashes super full!

Performed by Master Stylist

60 minutes | $75
90 minutes | $105


Eyelash Perm (aka Lash Lift)

Forget sticky, messy perming rods! Throw out those Eyelash Curlers! The future of perming is here! Developed in Asia a number of years ago and made recently popular in Europe, ‘Lash-Lifting’ Technology is finally available in Boulder, Colorado! Eyelash Perm includes a lash tint (dying).

performed by Master Stylist | $75


Video of the Volume Eyelash Extensions Difference at Luscious Lash & Skin


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Medium Volume Set

Medium Classic/Volume Mix

Perfect Volume Extensions

Light Volume Set

Full Volume

Dramatic Full Volume

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