Mink, 3D, Volume, Silk, Classic- understanding eyelash extension vocabulary

Volume eyelash extensions

Eyelash Extensions have come along way in the last few years, from thick, spidery looking lashes to light and fluffy looks. Unfortunately, a lot of people still end up with the spidery looking ones, which is why it is so important you do your research and only go to someone who has extensive training. Here is some eyelash extension lingo:

Classic lashes: Classic eyelash extensions refers to placing one eyelash extension on one natural lash. The individual eyelash extension can range from quite thin to very thick! Thinner is generally healthier for your natural lashes and looks more natural.

Volume lashes: Volume eyelash extensions, sometimes called Russian volume or 3D,  is when 2 or more very fine eyelash extensions are fanned and placed on one natural lash. The result is a very full set of eyelashes and can either look natural or glamorous depending on how the length used and how dense they are applied. This technique requires an advanced training and a lot of practice. The picture above is a volume set of eyelash extensions.

Mink lashes: Mink eyelash extensions were popular because of how thin and natural looking they were. Synthetic mink eyelash extensions are now available that are just as thin as the true mink, but hold their curl better because they are not real hair. In other words, there is really no need to seek out mink eyelashes anymore.

Silk lashes: Silk eyelash extensions are normally made from synthetic silk, like synthetic mink, they are made to look very similar, but hold their shape better. They are shaped into perfectly curled lashes, thicker at the bottom and thinner at the tip. In my opinion, one eyelash extensions type (synthetic silk and mink) is not better than the other, each simply has a slightly different look.

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