What does it mean “Properly Applied Eyelash Extensions”? 

When my client leaves from their appointment, I have made sure that none of their lashes are stuck together and that there are no extensions touching their skin.

Since the glue does not fully cure for 36 to 48 hours, It’s very easy for the newly added extensions to bond with other lashes. At the end of each appointment, I dedicate enough time to separate each and every lash. All the hairs on our bodies including lashes grow a different rates. The faster growing natural lash will pull on the slow growing one, perhaps causing damage but certainly diminishing their beauty. When they are bound together there is no flow and the client can’t brush through them easily. They may begin to look like stiff points instead of soft fluff. 

If the lash extensions are touching the skin at all it can cause discomfort as they are made of plastic and can bump repeatedly into the skin while blinking. I’ve had a few emergency appointments where the client was very irritated by this sad state caused by another lash tech’s poor application. 

Your lash extensions should be completely comfortable and surprisingly lightweight. 

Your lash technician should know the proper weight that can be applied to your lashes, personally to you. If the weights chosen are too heavy, (the fans are too big or the lengths are too long or the diameters are too thick )your natural lashes will shed early. I think it’s pretty clear why this is not sustainable. Sometimes you have to say no to the client and explain to them why they must stay within a certain limit to protect their lash health.

These are just the fundamentals of properly applied lash extensions. Mapping the lashes, or applying a specific shape to the lashes is a different subject altogether. I will be writing a blog post on that subject alone

Can wearing eyelash extensions make your natural lashes healthier ?

I do believe that wearing lash extensions can make your natural lashes healthier. When you wear make up every day and use a lash curler and then wipe your make up off every night, you are manipulating your lashes a great deal. 

When you wear extensions, you do not rub them or twist them or break them like you can with a lash curler or even just mascara.

When new clients come to me now, I can often see their lashes improve from the first session. 

The extensions are properly applied and client is cleaning their lashes daily, I believe the natural lashes have a better chance of being healthiest.