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Choosing a certified eyelash technician who has been taught by qualified and experienced instructors is particularly important. Many eyelash extension technicians nowadays claim to have been professionally trained, but many are self-taught via the internet and often use poor quality products. The results are typically disastrous and, even worse, the natural lashes are usually damaged.

Luscious Lash & Skin takes all precautions necessary to maintain the health of your natural lashes. Always choose a reputable and Certified Lash Stylist and do not be persuaded by a low price. In this case, “you truly get what you pay for!”


Terrell Avatar“I absolutely love helping women look beautiful so they can go about the business of life with confidence.”

Terrell became a licensed cosmetologist over twenty years ago. After doing thousands of cuts and colors and hundreds of bridal makeup applications, she became a Certified  Lash Artist with Novalash in 2012.

She says she is able to offer her clients the best, most updated service because “I am a member of an exclusive and international Master Lash Artist Group. We advise each other on the cutting edge of new styles, techniques and products. It’s the best ongoing education available.”

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